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Solo Package: Celestial Strings Solo Harp

Ambiance Package: Celestial Strings Duo

Gold Concert Harp w/ choice of one: Flute, Violin, or Cello

Elegance Package: Celestial Strings Trio

Gold Concert Harp w/ choice of two: Flute, Violin, or Cello

Divine Package: Celestial Strings Quartet Gold Concert Harp w/Flute, Violin, and Cello

Guidelines for Selecting the Right Package for You

Consistently rated #1 on Cleveland’s “Hot List” for Best Wedding Music, Roseann Canfora is a Harpist and principal player of Celestial Strings. Northeast Ohio's most popular string ensemble is known for its unique blending of Harp, Flute, Violin, and Cello in adaptations of classical, traditional, and today's most popular music.

Choose from Duo, Trio & Quartet options with an ever-expanding repertoire of popular music unmatched by any group. Hear each of these options on the Celestial Strings website or attend one of Roseann's unique Listening Events, where couples enjoy champagne while selecting the right instruments and music to make their wedding day perfect.

Add ambiance to your wedding, cocktail reception, or dinner hour, or to your bridal luncheon, shower, or rehearsal dinner. Sheer elegance with a sound that will "wow" your guests!

Today's Brides and Party Planners Want More

They’re more knowledgeable about music, they’re internet-savvy, they’ve done their research, and they know what they want. And for an increasing number of people, their weddings and parties are anything but ordinary.

“I want to come down the aisle to Coldplay,” said one bride this year, whose fiancé had the popular band’s CD playing in the car on their first date. She entered the church and made her stately walk toward her waiting groom to the song “Yellow.” The two exited the church to the sounds of the harp, violin, and flute spiritedly playing Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida.” Another bride came to her favorite song, Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years," while she and the groom exited to his favorite song, AC/DC'S "Thunderstruck."

As a Music Planner, Nothing Surprises Me Anymore

We’ve played “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for a bridal processional and Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” for a recessional. One couple who’d just adopted a 3-year-old girl wanted the theme from “Barney” as their daughter walked down the aisle dropping rose petals, and they selected numerous Disney songs to be played throughout the prelude.

A 50th Anniversary party we played included a song list that had special meaning to the couple, including “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” to celebrate their first date; “Cielito Lindo to mark their trip to Mexico, “I Love Paris,” and “Spanish Eyes” to remember two special vacations overseas, and “New York, New York,” which had special meaning to the couple who attended numerous Broadway shows. Throughout the event, we performed themes from numerous movies and musicals that were special to the guests of honor.

Songs like Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are,” Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours,” Led Zeppelin's "All of My Love," the Rolling Stones “She’s Like a Rainbow,” and Bon Jovi’s “Living on A Prayer” are only a few of the pop pieces brides requested this year.

We've played everything from Bob Marley to Frank Sinatra and honored one bride's request for an "All Beatles" wedding; however, I still get the traditional clients who seek a string quartet because they absolutely love classical music.

Regardless of whether you know what you want or you defer to me to make musical choices for you, my question is always the same.

What Mood Do You Want for Each Moment of Your Special Day?

Each moment of the celebration has its own mood, and musicians can do so much to harvest that mood, from start to finish. The prelude music while guests are arriving and socializing over cocktails can be upbeat and fun before slowing it down and changing to a more elegant and romantic mood for dinner.

The key is that every bride has a vision of how her wedding will look but should also consider how each and every moment will feel for them and for their guests. My best advice, then, is to think not just about the music but about the moments you want to create on your wedding day or at your special event.

Once Knowing the Mood, Selecting the Right Music Is Easy & Fun

Ask anyone who attended a wedding or party recently, and they aren’t likely to remember as many details about the venue, the decorations, the party favors, or even what you wore as they are to remember details of the things that affect them personally—the food, yes, but even more, the music. 

So be thoughtful and creative as you select the right musicians and music for your special event so that you and your guests can enter the moment and truly enjoy each and every moment that follows on your special day.

Roseann Canfora, Ph.D., is one of Cleveland, Ohio’s most popular harpists, known for her unique blending of the harp with violin, flute, and cello in unique adaptations of both classical and popular music. She and her Celestial Strings Harp Duo, Trio, and Quartet have performed at weddings and company events throughout Northeast Ohio for more than 25 years.